Write some of the ways fitzgerald

And in my job at Twitter, I actually spent a little bit of time working with authors and storytellers as well, helping to expand out the bounds of what people are experimenting with. And I want to talk through some examples today of things that people have done that I think are really fascinating using flexible identity and anonymity on the web and blurring the lines between fact and fiction. But I want to start and go back to the s. Long before a little thing called Twitter, radio brought us broadcasts and connected millions of people to single points of broadcast.

Write some of the ways fitzgerald

SS Edmund Fitzgerald, upbound and in ballast Design and construction[ edit ] Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company of MilwaukeeWisconsin, invested in the iron and minerals industries on a large-scale basis, including the construction of Edmund Fitzgerald, which represented the first such investment by any American life insurance company.

Edmund Fitzgerald was the first laker built to the maximum St.

Write some of the ways fitzgerald

Lawrence Seaway size[11] which was feet Hudson Company -designed furnishings [19] included deep pile carpeting, tiled bathrooms, drapes over the portholesand leather swivel chairs in the guest lounge.

There were two guest state rooms for passengers. Air conditioning extended to the crew quarters, which featured more amenities than usual. A large galley and fully stocked pantry supplied meals for two dining rooms. Edmund Fitzgerald' pilothouse was outfitted with "state-of-the-art nautical equipment and a beautiful map room.

Fitzgerald's own grandfather had himself been a lake captain, and his father owned the Milwaukee Drydock Company that built and repaired ships. But the event was plagued by misfortunes: When Elizabeth Fitzgerald, wife of Edmund Fitzgerald, tried to christen the ship by smashing a champagne bottle over the bow, it took her three attempts to break it.

A delay of 36 minutes followed while the shipyard crew struggled to release the keel blocks.

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Upon sideways launch, the ship created a large wave that "doused" the spectators and then crashed into a pier before righting herself.

One man watching the launching had a heart attack and later died. Other witnesses later said they swore the ship was "trying to climb right out of the water". She set seasonal haul records six different times.

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Stewards treated the guests to the entire VIP routine. The cuisine was reportedly excellent and snacks were always available in the lounge. A small but well stocked kitchenette provided the drinks.

Once each trip, the captain held a candlelight dinner for the guests, complete with mess-jacketed stewards and special "clamdigger" punch.

Although Captain Peter Pulcer was in command of Edmund Fitzgerald on trips when cargo records were set, "he is best remembered Clair and Detroit Rivers.

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Later that same year, she struck the wall of a lockan accident repeated in and Duringshe lost her original bow anchor in the Detroit River. Anderson Edmund Fitzgerald left Superior, Wisconsin, at 2:Average copywriters write average sentences. You, I’m guessing, don’t want to be average.

You want to be great. You believe you can be remarkable..

That means you need to write damn good sentences without even thinking about it day in and day out. Write about the ways Fitzgerald tells the story in chapter 7 (Page onwards) Chapter 7 mirrors chapter 1 in setting and structure, of the travelling to New York and the necessity to pass through ‘The Valley of the Ashes’ symbolic of the mythological River Styx and “The Waste Land” by T.S.

Elliot. Of these adventures, Muse, daughter of Zeus, tell us in our time, lift the great song again. Begin when all the rest who left behind them headlong death in battle or at sea had long ago returned, while he alone still hungered for home and wife.

Write about some of the ways Fitzgerald tells the story in Chapter Five of The Great Gatsby Setting is an additional narrative device which is used by Fitzgerald to reinforce the idea of social clashes and differences, and to draw parallels between the change of scene and the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy.


Many of these events from Fitzgerald’s early life appear in his most famous novel, The Great Gatsby, published in Like Fitzgerald, Nick Carraway is a thoughtful young man from Minnesota, educated at an Ivy League school (in Nick’s case, Yale), who moves to New York after the war.

Write about some of the ways Fitzgerald tells the story in Chapter 1 In the first chapter of The Great Gatsby, the reader is introduced to the main characters in the novel, including the narrator Nick.

It also outlines Nick’s background, including his upbringing and new life in New York’s prestigious West Egg.

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