Why i want to be a chef

Who inspired you to become a chef?

Why i want to be a chef

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February 19, Dicing Onion, photo by Donna I posted yesterday on twitter that I began cooking because I was hungry but continued to cook because I loved to eat, and it got me thinking. There are so many different reasons to cook, as a number of twitters pointed out.

Self-defense was a good one! And with the state of our processed food, one that every cook can claim! Can I encourage other bloggers to post about why you cook? Writing it down forces you to know what you think.

When I was nine, I cooked because I was hungry and making things was fun. Today, age 46 and devoted to family, I cook because: Are there any good reasons not to cook? All of these are perfectly adequate reasons not to cook.

I sometime use them myself. The only good reasons never to cook are these: The saddest reason of all, and yet another reason for those who can cook, to cook.

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The more people who buy good food help to lower the price of that food through demand. Time for cooking the fun stuff!

Why i want to be a chef

Loving all the comments, but this one I found fascinating: February 26th, pshampton My dad is not the most emotionally expressive individual.

However, when he cooked, I watched. When he cooked, I could ask questions without risking a grouchy retort.

When he cooked, he seemed more human…. I loved that so as a young kid, I would wait for the intense, greasy fat fast that was Sunday breakfast. Fried roundsteak, homemade hashbrowns, fresh eggs fried in pork fat and scratch gravy although I have to give props to my mom on the gravy — hers is always better than his.

I waited for the Saturday afternoon bbq when my dad would turn cheap cuts of meat into nirvana on a plate with homemade bbq sauce and and a spice blend that he fiddled with for years.Photo: why i want to become a chef essay Being a passionate home cook third person essay examples is a great start, but the added structure of culinary.

The standard of living in Canada has been . Make sure the mouse is hot enough A blog about why we're here. · If you are applying to culinary school, you may be asked why youwant.

If becoming a pastry chef is the path you want to take, start reading. Travel and eat out. I really dislike when I hear chefs say that they never eat out because they can cook better at home.

2. Personal connections are crucial to finding work. The restaurant industry is extremely competitive, and being a private chef is even more so. We all want to be part of something that is bigger than we are. Wearing the chef’s uniform makes a cook part of the history of the profession, a history that is honorable, noble, and now well respected.

“There has never been a better time to be a chef . Jan 15,  · I dont really want to be a chef but if I was then I would want to be a chef so I could cook magnificent food for my family and for myself, duhhhhhhh everyone wants to be a chef Status: Resolved.

Why i want to be a chef

If you are applying to culinary school, you may be asked why youwant to become a chef. Be prepared to give an honest answer.

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