Welfare as a government program that provides assistance to people in order to survive

Ohio Food Assistance Program Everybody runs into difficult patches in life where welfare assistance may be needed; in truth, most Americans today are one lost paycheck away from being without food to eat, a home to live in, or in danger of losing their means of transportation because of the current economy and even natural disasters. When bad things happen to good people, there are government welfare programs are available at every level to help them until times get better. Welfare eligibility is open to every US citizens because it is a right given to all of us. The government welfare system is there to help, as evidenced in this quote from the Missouri state constitution:

Welfare as a government program that provides assistance to people in order to survive

It really is quite simple. Everyone is smart except Donald J.

Only Trump does not know what he is doing. Only Trump does not know how to negotiate with Vladimir Putin. Anderson Cooper knows how to stand up to Putin. All the journalists do. But — oh, wow! Only Trump is incapable of negotiating with the Russian tyrant. The Seedier Media never have negotiated life and death, not corporate life and death, and not human life and death.

They go to a college, are told by peers that they are smart, get some good grades, proceed to a graduate degree in journalism, and get hired as analysts.

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Now they are experts, ready to take on Putin and the Iranian Ayatollahs at age That is not the road to expertise in tough dealing. The alternate road is that, along the way, maybe you get forced into some street fights.

Sometimes the other guy wins, and sometimes you beat the intestines out of him. Then you deal with grown-ups as you mature, and you learn that people can be nasty, often after they smile and speak softly.

You get cheated a few times, played. Maybe you become an attorney litigating multi-million-dollar case matters. Say what you will about attorneys, but those years — not the years in law school, not the years drafting legal memoranda, but the years of meeting face-to-face and confronting opposing counsel — those years can teach a great deal.

They can teach how to transition from sweet, gentle, diplomatic negotiating to tough negotiating. We were not snowflaked-for-life by effete professors who themselves never had negotiated tough life-or-death serious deals.

Welfare as a government program that provides assistance to people in order to survive

Instead we live in the real world, and we know how that works. That worst boss we ever had. The coworker who tried to sabotage us. We know the sons of bums whom we survived, the dastardly types who are out there, and we learned from those experiences how to deal with them.

The Bushes got us into all kinds of messes. The first one killed the economic miracle that Reagan had fashioned. The second one screwed up the Middle East, where Iraq and Iran beautifully were engaged in killing each other for years, and he got us mired into the middle of the muddle.

Clinton was too busy with Monica Lewinsky to protect us from Osama bin Laden when we had him in our sights. Hillary gave us Benghazi and more.

Welfare as a government program that provides assistance to people in order to survive

All to the daily praise of a media who now attack Trump every minute of every day. So let us understand a few things: NATO is our friend. They also rip off America. They have been ripping us off forever.

They messed up, andAmericans had to die to save their butts. Then they messed up again for the next two decades because West Europeans are effete and so obsessed with their class manners and their rules of savoir-faire and their socialist welfare states and their early retirements that they did not have the character to stand up to Hitler in the s.

Peace in our time. So they messed up, and we had to save their butts again. And then we had to rebuild them!

And we had to station our boys in Germany and all over their blood-stained continent. So, hey, we love those guys. And yet they still rip us off.Welfare is a government program that provides money, medical care, food, housing, and other things that people need in order to survive.

People who can receive help from these welfare programs are children, elders, disabled, and others who cannot support their families on their current income/5(1).

United Nations, John Key's New Zealand Cycle Way And Fascist Globalist Government In New Zealand - Agenda The vast majority of New Zealanders and the world in general are so distracted by day to day busy-ness, reality television and sports that most are oblivious to the socialism creeping in at the local level through Agenda The states run this program with financial help from employer-paid payroll tax and the federal government.

**What is a Means-Tested income security program? This provides benefits for the poor and low-income people. By the numbers, welfare reform was a success.

More than 13 million people received cash assistance from the government in , before the law was passed. Carla Rena - July 31, I agree completely with the above. I, personally, am sick and tired of going into the grocery store and watching people pull out a “Lone Star” card to purchase groceries allowed by the card program, then buying alcohol and tobacco with cash.

Kudos to President Weah for enabling us to Once Again Sing Prince Nico “Free Education” Music in Liberia, but was it planned? Editorial The recent pronouncement of free public college and university education in Liberia by president George Weah must be applauded by all Liberians and well-wishers of our beloved country.

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