The younger dryas essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Ice core studies have focused on the abrupt termination of this event because this change was the end of the last major climate reorganization during the deglaciation. The Younger Dryas also challenge the former belief that climate changes were always gradual.

The younger dryas essay

Younger Dryas period | The Inquisitive Narrative

This summary is helpful to me at this point, and it will be particularly helpful to readers new to our subject, or who have followed the narrative at some point but need it all recounted in one place. The Tusk wishes it had written something like this.

The younger dryas essay

Graham, thankfully, as a journalist, has the patience for the tedium and recounts our tumultuous decade quite brilliantly. If they be reading here: Advanced pre-diluvium civilizations, post-cataclysm wisemen and future threats of impact are absent. The epoch which geologists call the Younger Dryas after a species of Alpine flower that flourishes in cold conditions has long been recognized as mysterious and tumultuous.

When it began 12, years ago the earth had been emerging from the Ice Age for roughly 10, years, global temperatures were rising steadily and the ice caps were melting.

Then there was a sudden dramatic return to colder conditions — nearly as cold as at the peak of the Ice Age 21, years ago.

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This short, sharp deep freeze lasted for 1, years until 11, years ago when the warming trend resumed with incredible rapidity, global temperatures shot up again and the remaining ice caps quite quickly melted away, dumping all the water they contained into the oceans and raising sea level significantly all around the world.

What set these upheavals in motion? The Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis is a comprehensive attempt to answer that question and is the work of highly-qualified scientists from universities in countries, collaborating as the Comet Research Group.

Comet Research Group members, clearly, are not fringe people!

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The world of science has therefore been obliged to take their evidence seriously — even though it very clearly points in a dangerous and radical direction and, as Jim Kennett puts it: These in turn have led to stories in the scientific and popular press putting the information in front of a much wider audience.

The first headline that caught my eye was in the British magazine New Scientist of 22 May and asked provocatively: The New Scientist article tweaked my curiosity, however, because it referred to the exact epoch that I had focused on in my books.

The article addressed the mystery: Debris seems to have settled as far afield as Europe. The debris included nanodiamonds, created by the shock and heat of impacts, tiny carbon spherules that form when molten droplets cool rapidly in air, and carbon molecules containing the rare isotope helium-3, far more abundant in the cosmos than on Earth.

Moreover, levels decrease the further you go from Gainey, suggesting that the comet blew up largely over Canada. The primary reason he embraced this theory, however, was not that he had become a convert to gradualism, but because he was never able to explain how a large enough area of the ice-cap to supply all the vast amounts of water needed for his flood could simply have melted all at once.

He had proposed two possibilities — dramatic overnight global warming on the one hand, or volcanic activity under the ice cap on the other — but, as the reader will recall, he very quickly conceded there was no evidence for either.Hancock on the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis since · October 21, Brian Lawther A thought, if an impact event, a comet storm that stretched as far east as Syria could there have been several impacts over/in the Atlantic which would have affected ocean circulation, has any.

The Younger Dryas was the most recent and longest of several interruptions to the gradual warming of the Earth's climate since the severe Last Glacial Maximum, c.

27, to 24, years BP.

What caused the Younger Dryas?

The change was relatively sudden, taking place in decades, and it resulted in a decline of 2 to 6 degrees Celsius and advances of glaciers and drier .

The Younger Dryas Essay Sample The Younger Dryas was an extremely rapid climate change that occurred during the last deglaciation of the North Atlantic region, Greenland, the West Coast of Canada, and also in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Younger Dryas impact hypothesis posits that a cosmic impact across much of the Northern Hemisphere deposited the Younger Dryas boundary (YDB) layer, containing peak abundances in a variable assemblage of proxies, including magnetic and glassy impact-related spherules, high-temperature minerals and melt glass, nanodiamonds, .


Cro-Magnon, the first anatomically modern man, began to move into Europe about 40, years ago, with the skeletal remains of one of its population, found in the cave Pestera Cu Oase, in Romania, and radiocarbon dated to 37, years ago. I recently discovered an essay from Graham Hancock that manages to convey both the profound intellectual significance — and petty scholastic drama — of .

Younger Dryas period | The Inquisitive Narrative