Tapping the ethnic housing market

This paper proposes seven geographic market segments of China: Multiple factors including household income, local culture, climate conditions, and product availability influence consumer purchases. These regional differences have meaningful implications for effective marketing and expansion strategies in China. The advent of China as a viable consumer market has important economic implications for multinational corporations MNCs.

Tapping the ethnic housing market

The Qin Governor of Canton advisted Zhao to found his own independent Kingdom since the area was remote and there were many Chinese settlers in the area.

The conquest also made it possible to extend the Han Empire's power projection and maritime influence to further develop trade relations with the various kingdoms in Southeast Asia. Shi Xie was the leader of the elite ruling class of Han Chinese families who immigrated to Vietnam and played a major role in infusing Vietnam's culture with Chinese influences.

The Vietnamese emperors deported some 87, Chinese nationals, although a large minority applied for permanent residency in Vietnam. Chinese who chose to remain in Vietnam chose to assimilate. A revolt against China was mounted by Ly Bon who himself was of Chinese descent. However, these Chinese settlers were not allowed to change their place of residence without the Court's permission, and were also required to adopt Vietnamese dress and culture.

He fought against the Tran for the Yuan dynasty. Fujian was the origin of the ethnic Chinese Tran who migrated to Vietnam along with a large amount of other Chinese during the Ly dynasty where they served as officials.

Distinct Chinese last names are found in the Tran and Ly dynasty Imperial examination records. The Chinese language Tapping the ethnic housing market still be spoken by the Tran in Vietnam.

The Trai made up the supporters of Le Loi in his campaign. He lived among the Trai at the border regions as their leader and seized the Ming ruled lowland Kinh areas after originally forming his base in the southern highland regions. The southern dwelling Trai and Red River dwelling Vietnamese were in effect locked in a "civil war" during the anti Ming rebellion by Le Loi.

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Their children identified more with Chinese culture. This migration occurred in the 17th and 18th centuries. When an Italian Jesuit priest, Father Christofo Borri, visited the city inhe aptly described the city as: Duong's followers named their settlement as "Minh Huong", to recall their allegiance to the Ming Dynasty.

The presence of these semi-autonomous fiefdoms run by Chinese refugees encouraged more Chinese to settle in the South. This new migration established a distinct Chinese diaspora group in Vietnam which was unlike in ancient times when the Vietnamese upper class absorbed ethnic Chinese who had come.

They lived in rural areas and in urban areas. The Ming Chinese refugees were mostly male immigrants who generally married local Vietnamese or Khmer women while fostering a strong Chinese cultural identity in their descendants.

Chinese trade and immigration began to increase towards the earlier half of the 18th century as population and economic pressures encouraged more Chinese men to seek trade opportunities in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam.

Under local laws, rice exports to other countries was tightly regulated, but the Chinese largely ignored this rule and exported rice en masse. Unlike their Vietnamese predecessors, the French were very receptive of these Chinese immigrants as it provided an opportunity to stimulate trade and industry, and they generally found employment as labourers or middlemen.

The French established a special Immigration Bureau in requiring Chinese immigrants to register with the Chinese clan and dialect group associations and eased trade restrictions that were previously in place.

Anotherarrived in the s and s, and peaks in the migration patterns was especially pronounced during the s and late s when the effects of fighting and economic instability arising from the Chinese Civil War became pronounced.

Tapping the ethnic housing market

Vietnamese women who married Chinese men adopted the Chinese taboo. One year after the state of North Vietnam was established, a mutual agreement was made between the Communist Party of China and Communist Party of Vietnam to give ethnic Chinese living in North Vietnam Vietnamese citizenship.

This process was completed by the end of the s. A nationality law was passed which automatically qualified Vietnamese residents of mixed Chinese and Vietnamese parentage as South Vietnamese citizens.This research was generously funded by the Knight Foundation..

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Executive Summary. As the discussion surrounding misinformation and polarization takes center stage, one space that has been largely overlooked is the Chinese media sphere within the United States, where questionable content has garnered a loyal following among Chinese-speaking immigrants.

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Latin America's Resilient Housing Market. In Mexico, the market for new low-and middle-income housing has grown rapidly, thanks to the creation of a market for residential mortgage securities in In the last quarter of alone, Is Ethnic Cleansing Coming to India?

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Housing Market Conditions. Bridges. Economic Mobility. Community Development Outlook Survey. Racial and Ethnic Differences in Family Wealth among College-Educated Families.

Nov. 3, Tapping New Sources and Exploring New Models for Community Development Finance. August 26,

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