Poznan nightly business report

During thirty-five years at The New Yorker, Professor Adler published essays, short stories, journalism, book reviews, and film criticism. For two years, she was chief film critic of The New York Times.

Poznan nightly business report

By Paul Goldman and Mark J. The conservative talk show culture is proving expensive for GOP presidential hopefuls. But when the mainstream media reigned supreme, between andRepublicans won seven out of the 10 presidential elections. Yet the right regularly accused the mainstream news media of colluding to turn the public against conservative nominees.

In the previous six presidential electionsthe Republicans had won five times — all but one by an electoral landslide. Since conservative media began to flourish, only once has the GOP candidate captured more than 50 percent of the popular vote. And that candidate, President George W.

Bush, had the lowest re-election results of any conservative chief executive in U. On the other hand, between andwith conservative media ascendant, four different Democratic standard-bearers in successive elections — Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry and Barack Obama — combined for a majority of the popular vote.

InObama won re-election in a second majority-vote victory — the first Democrat to do so since Franklin D. The famed Yankee catcher offers insight into why the new media pitch contributes to the GOP striking out.

So the network news philosophy focused on fact-based reporting, homogenized for the broadest possible audience — not opinion, which could prove divisive, driving away some potential viewers.

So the network economic model and the Republican political equation were a perfect fit. Why is this happening? The more strident and doctrinaire a talk show, the bigger the financial rewards can be for host and sponsor.

Programs prosper by capturing a small but deeply loyal slice of the mass audience. This economic model would have decimated national network news in its heyday — as we can now see.

They claim he failed to focus on their issues. It is Democrats who have been more successful with it, as Roosevelt proved with his New Deal coalition.

Conservatives delighting at the influence of their favorite talk show hosts and the decline of the mainstream media have missed this crucial modern political lesson: The GOP fared best in presidential politics through a nationalizing lens — not narrow-based ideological appeals.

Now, it could all be a coincidence; Yogi could be wrong. Supporters reach out to shake hands with President George W. Bush at a campaign rally in Pensacola, Florida August 10, Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Nightly Business Report by CNBC for free.

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poznan nightly business report

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Thursday, February 1, either war packaged for nightly news reports and eventually as fodder for 24 hour news filler, or football on Sunday afternoon, then Monday, Thursday and Sunday night brain bashing ratings bonanzas.

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