Parachuting action sport of exiting an

The history of diving starts with Andre-Jacques Garnerin who made successful parachute jumps from a hot-air balloon in The military developed parachuting technology as a way to save aircrews from emergencies aboard balloons and aircraft in flight, later as a way of delivering soldiers to the battlefield. Early competitions date back to the s, and it became an international sport in

Parachuting action sport of exiting an

Tandem skydiving Parachute deployment At a sport skydiver's deployment altitude, the individual manually deploys a small pilot-chute which acts as a drogue, catching air and pulling out the main parachute or the main canopy.

There are two principal systems in use: Throw-out pilot-chute pouches are usually positioned at the bottom of the container — the B. The latter are safe for flat-flying, but often unsuitable for freestyle or head-down flying. A parachutist above Venezuela In a typical civilian sport parachute system, the pilot-chute is connected to a line known as the "bridle", which in turn is attached to a small deployment bag that contains the folded parachute and the canopy suspension lines, which are stowed with rubber bands.

At the bottom of the container that holds the deployment bag is a closing loop which, during packing, is fed through the grommets of the four flaps that are used to close the container. Parachuting action sport of exiting an that point, a curved pin that is attached to the bridle is inserted through the closing loop.

The next step involves folding the pilot-chute and placing it in a pouch e. Activation begins when the pilot-chute is thrown out.

Parachuting action sport of exiting an

It inflates and creates drag, pulling the pin out of the closing loop and allowing the pilot-chute to pull the deployment bag from the container. The parachute lines are pulled loose from the rubber bands and extend as the canopy starts to open.

A rectangular piece of fabric called the " slider " which separates the parachute lines into four main groups fed through grommets in the four respective corners of the slider slows the opening of the parachute and works its way down until the canopy is fully open and the slider is just above the head of the skydiver.

The slider slows and controls the deployment of the parachute. Once free from the malfunctioning main canopy, the reserve canopy can be activated manually by pulling a second handle on the front left harness. Some containers are fitted with a connecting line from the main to reserve parachutes — known as a reserve static line RSL — which pulls open the reserve container faster than a manual release could.

Whichever method is used, a spring-loaded pilot-chute then extracts the reserve parachute from the upper half of the container. Disciplines and maneuvers Accuracy One example of this is "Hit and Rock", a variant of accuracy landing devised to let people of varying skill levels compete for fun.

The object is to land as close as possible to the chair, remove the parachute harness, sprint to the chair, sit fully in the chair and rock back and forth at least one time. The contestant is timed from the moment that feet touch the ground until that first rock is completed.

This event is considered a race. The technique consists of flying diagonally with a determinate relation between angle and trajectory speed of the body, to obtain an air stream that allows for control of flight. The aim is to fly in formation at the same level and angle, and to be able to perform different aerial games, such as freestyle, three-dimensional flight formation with grip, or acrobatic free-flying.

The target can be a deep foam mattress or an air-filled landing pad. The first part of any competition take place over 8 rounds. The competitor with the lowest cumulative score is declared the winner.

Competitors jump in teams of 5 maximum, exiting the aircraft at or meters and opening their parachutes sequentially to allow each competitor a clear approach to the target. This sport is unpredictable because weather conditions play a very important part. So classic accuracy requires high adaptability to aerology and excellent steering control.

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It is also the most interesting discipline for spectator due to the closeness of action a few metres and the possibility to be practised everywhere sport ground, stadium, urban place Today, classic accuracy is the most practiced in competition discipline of skydiving in the world.

The goal is to create various formations by "docking" with other parachutists on the jump. The dock is often accomplished by placing ones feet into the lines of another person's parachute. Formations require at least 2 people, but can have many more.

Due to the close proximity of the canopies, care has to be taken by all participants to ensure the safety of the jump. It is common for a CREW jumper to carry a hook knife to use in case they become entangled in another jumpers lines.Parachuting, or skydiving, is the action sport of exiting an aircraft and returning to Earth with the aid of gravity, then slowing down during the last part of the.

Skydive TV. 20, likes · 10, talking about this. SKYDIVE TV® | GLOBAL SKYDIVING VIDEO PRODUCTION AND BROADCAST MEDIA. Parachuting, or skydiving, is the action sport of exiting an aircraft and returning to Earth with the aid of gravity, then slowing down during the last part of the.

Thomas Jeannerot (born 30 March ) is a French professional athlete in parachuting. He is currently high-level athlete and member of the French Team of Parachuting in the double discipline Accuracy landing and Style.

Man is exiting from a bridge with his BASE jumping equipment. With the pilot-chute in his hand he'll forces the opening process. This BASE jumper is exiting from a bridge with a static line attached. The parachute will open automaticly in a second time.

The instructor guides the beginner through the specifics associated with exiting the plane, free fall maneuvering, parachute deployment and maneuvering and landing. Tandem skydiving provides a low-risk introduction to the sport, requiring the beginner to know very little since the instructor is always there to provide guidance.

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