Papa geos budget proposal excel

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Papa geos budget proposal excel

Instead of just asking for more, budget presentations must tie performance and justification to requests for increases. Decision makers look for the level of production per unit. When an increase is granted, how will the additional dollars translate into improvements?

If additional staffing dollars are granted, how will the services be improved?

Papa geos budget proposal excel

Make sure that your budgeting authority can see, in real-world terms, how the money improves the work. In public library systems, budget analysis needs to be weighted to reflect how dollars will make the most impact in the places that are most in need. Not all things are equal and not all things are fair; understand that the delivery of the dollars need to be weighted with demographics in mind.

The library world can sometimes be insular. Good budget directors will work with executive librarians out to ensure that a budget is responsive to constituents. Is the budget proposal balanced? The proposal for the year will reflect an increase, a decrease, or a status quo proposal - the librarian needs to be able to discuss the cause of any changes with the budgeting authority.

Be ready to discuss changes both within the library and outside influences that may be driving changes in budget proposals.

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Decision makers will be most likely to approve budget proposals that are able to show balance between financing, spending, and performance.

Cautionary Tales Any lack of direct or frank responses to questions, or even the hint of holding back, will foster negative responses from budget authorities.

Papa geos budget proposal excel

Do not assume that wide public support will result in an easy proposal process, be ready for tough questions at every step. During the public presentation, know when to say that you don't know the answer and that you will get the answer to the budgeting authority as soon as possible.

Be careful of committing to specific numbers in a public forum - if forced, offer a range and agree to follow up at a later date. If you know that you have opposition to your proposal ahead of time, avoid any type of confrontation.

Ask your opponent to meet one on one at a later time to work out any concerns or reservations. Best Practices for the Executive Librarian's Proposal Start your presentation with simple graphs and charts that anyone can understand - the lowest level of detail. You may have your whole proposal approved at a minimal level of discussion.

Be prepared to add layers of detail should the need arise, but do not offer anything more than you have to. Work in stages with your detail and supporting materials. In your first lowest level of detailed graphs and charts, the following are minimal components of an executive summary: Dollar amount changes, year-over-year, with brief explanations of each line item that reflects a change.

Service differences, year-over-year, with a similar level of detail to dollar changes. Staffing differences based on pay-grade with the same level of detail about changes year-over-year.

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8+ Monthly Budget Spreadsheet Templates - Free Word, Excel, PDF 5+ Budget Tracking Templates - Free Word, Excel, PDF Documents Business Start Up Cost Template - 5+ Free Word, Excel Documents. a. Action Item: Budget Priorities Draft proposals: The committee will take action on proposals submitted within the priority deadline.

b. Discussion Item: Budget Priorities Draft proposals: The committee will review proposals submitted after the priority deadline in order of when it was submitted.

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