Muenster casting and pump housings

Bob Dorf, president of the firm, is the grandson of Emil Dorf, the founder. Bob and his family, along with all key personnel, live in or near the city of Muenster. Cordial relations exist between the firm and the city officials. Since its founding, the firm has always been as self-sufficient as possible.

Muenster casting and pump housings

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Muenster casting and pump housings

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Solved: Case Making Or Outsourcing Pump Housings The Muens |

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Muenster casting and pump housings

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Afztkcmmb - New york. Bxlzrzyztrge - New york.Background – Terry Dorf, the supply manager for the family owned and operated pump manufacturing company, is trying to gather cost information on the L casting housings that Muenster manufactures.

II. Major Problem Muenster Pump is currently making the L pump housing at almost double the cost of their competitors. The major problem is whether Terri should outsource the manufacturing of the L pump housing and possibly reduce cost of making the pumps but also put 16 men out of work or should she forego outsourcing and keep the %(10).

* Muenster makes its own cast pump housings at a higher cost than what is currently available in the market place. * Uncle Ned (management) The L represents 60 percent of Muenster’s demand for casting housings and is sold to distributors for $ Austin cars: Main Parts Ads page Bookmark this page!

Ads are being placed all the time, so remember to pop by every now and then to see whats new. The Muenster Pump Company’ can buy the cast pump housings from Union Foundry and close its own foundry, but keep the foundry workers and retrain them. The Muenster Pump Company can buy the L cast pump housings from Union Foundry, which is 60 percent of its housing requirements, and keep its foundry to make the other 40 percent.

The rep was aware that Muenster Pump made its own cast pump housings. But he claimed that new developments in casting pouring allowed his firm to offer extremely attractive prices. Terry requested a price on the L .

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