Limits of mediation sudan peace mediation essay

District of Columbia with the aim of contributing to Mediation for Peace, Reconciliation, the Rule of Law, Democratization, Justice, Security and awareness raising purposes involving relevant stakeholders. Ethiopian and other conflict-ridden and prone African societies suffer from an unprecedented politically motivated conflicts and ethnic and religious polarization that affect every segment of society.

Limits of mediation sudan peace mediation essay

In other words it means being neutral; that is not taking sides with any of those in dispute. The literature on the concept of mediation places impartiality at its heart and makes it abundantly clear that mediators must be impartial if any success is to be achieved.


This was then followed by the Troika and others. Limits of mediation sudan peace mediation essay this policy the Troika should have known that they would indirectly be endorsing President Bashir, contrary to their policy, in his role as an IGAD head of state through their support of the regional body.

They seem to have forgotten about this policy by lending open support to IGAD as a mediator where President Bashir plays an influential role. However, at the time the international community appeared anxious and wanted a quick fix or an immediate solution. A number of reasons disqualify IGAD from the role of mediation it arrogated to itself as a regional body.

For over a decade and half IGAD was completely ineffective in coming forward with a solution. The talks drifted from one year to the other endlessly until President George W. Ugandan forces at the time were already heavily involved in military operations in Jonglei state with President Museveni threatening Dr Riek Machar with defeat within 4 days.

He should have known that South Sudanese do not take kindly to threats. The Khartoum establishment tried it and backed it up with violence ceaselessly in vain during their occupation of South Sudan from to Threatening South Sudanese is an invitation for trouble.

Limits of mediation sudan peace mediation essay

Not only did it provide political and moral support, but it rained banned cluster bombs on South Sudanese civilians as well as the resistance fighters. With such a level of intervention, Uganda had already ruled itself out as a neutral country to qualify as a mediator for the conflict.

Thirdly, there was the issue of the relationship between the member states of IGAD. The Sudan and Uganda are not in good terms. This opened up the ugly possibility of South Sudan being turned into a battle field.

This may already be happening subtly if one thinks about the regional dynamics and the poor relationships among the member states of IGAD. For example, Ethiopia and Eritrea do not see eye to eye, Uganda and Sudan do not see eye to eye, and Eritrea and Sudan are allies and so on.

Kiir wears three hats at the same time: He is a major party to the conflict. Sixthly and finally, there was the problem of varied political cultures in the region. Uganda, Eritrea, South Sudan and the Sudan are dictatorships with Ethiopia and Kenya to a certain extent being subtly repressive.

Some leaders of the IGAD countries have open cases where they are accused of grave crimes against humanity at the ICC which they are vigorously attempting to dismiss by all sorts of obstructions and intrigues.

After all, the business of mediation is a voluntary one where the warring or disputing parties agree to be helped in reaching a settlement. Its lapse in foresight and thinking has now allowed it to be portrayed wrongly and unfairly as an intransigent party.

It is expected since he is not known as a man of diligence and a thorough thinker. His performance on the crucial case of Abyei and Panthou in yesteryears at The Hague speaks for itself.

Nevertheless, this still can be corrected if only they can take the right decision now with full explanation to the people of South Sudan.

If IGAD were truly neutral and an impartial body then it would have been able to facilitate the resolution of the conflict satisfactorily. Mediators as neutral can not impose their decision on the parties. The decisions must flow from the positions and wishes of the disputing or warring parties.

IGAD in this protocol is not helpful at all. It does not work to bring peace.

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It prescribes and imposes President Kiir an ethnic cleanser to continue as the president of the interim period. In a nut shell IGAD is trying to impose more of the same: Dinkocracy, promotion of corruption, ethnic cleansing, and lawlessness.

It does not listen to the people of South Sudan; it does not use material agreed in the course of mediation; it does not play an impartial role; it does not use neutral language; it threatens; dictates and imposes its will contrary to its role. This should not astonish because essentially IGAD is a club of dictators and what dictators know best is to threaten, bully and impose their will regardless of the views of the aggrieved or rather the warring parties.

In other words, the sham mediation now indirectly exposes the corrupt and oppressive nature of IGAD itself and the type of leaders it has rather than truly solving the problem of South Sudan. Where is the justice for those criminally killed en masse in Juba? Let us not forget that this has since the beginning of the mediation been the plan of IGAD.African Peace Mediation & reconciliation Institution [APMRI] is a Non- Governmental Organization established in the United State of America in Washington, D.C.

(District of Columbia) with the aim of contributing to Mediation for Peace, Reconciliation, the Rule of Law, Democratization, Justice, Security and awareness raising purposes involving. The idea that “peace processes must be well-supported politically, technically and financially”, as UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon stated in the introduction to the UN Guidance for Effective Mediation, is something of a truism.

CPA Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the Government of Sudan and the SPLM/A CSOList of Acronyms Civil Society Organisation 8 LESSonS LEArnED FroM MEDIATIon ProCESSES LESSonS LEArnED FroM MEDIATIon ProCESSES 9 foreWorD peace mediation has become a field where more flexible methods.

Peace in Conflict Mediation Services The process of mediation can often transform negative situations into creative conversations that produce new methods of conflict resolution that was not visible before.

Learn More; About Us. The Sudan mediation under Special Envoy Sumbeiywo was widely appreciated for its effective management of the process and financial accountability, particularly when measured against earlier.

In addition, Majority of mediation team are being bribed by South Sudan government so they will never brought up strategies that would bring lasting peace in South Sudan.

SPLA-In-O is fighting a just war.

IGAD is unfit to mediate in the South Sudan’s conflict |