Knudson writing attitude survey

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Knudson writing attitude survey

Michael Vern Kaul Abstract The primary purpose of this study was to determine if the use of directed writing assignments in high school freshman economics classes would improve academic achievement. A secondary purpose was to determine if the use of directed writing assignments would result in any improvement of students' writing capabilities.

The 73 high school freshman students in four economics classes were from a public high school in suburban Detroit, Michigan. Each class received instruction from one of two teaching methods. The comparison group received instruction through traditional methods which utilized reading assignments from a textbook, lecture, worksheet, discussion, and cooperative learning activities.

The treatment group received like instruction that also included 28 directed writing assignments. Both groups covered identical content and were administered the same tests. Students in both the comparison and treatment groups completed three writing samples for analysis.

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Reprints › A item survey instrument was administered to students. There was no significant main effect for ethnicity, but effects for gender girls had more positive attitudes toward writing than boys and for grade.
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The writing samples were in the form of an essay question included in each unit test taken during the course of the study. Attitude toward writing measures were obtained prior to and after the study through the application of the Knudson Writing Attitude Survey for Students.

Achievement in writing performance was obtained prior to the study through examination of each student's Michigan Educational Assessment Program MEAP score in writing achievement. The academic achievement of students was measured by the results of three unit tests during the course of the study.

Each test consisted of 45 objective questions that were developed by Glencoe, the publishers of Applying Economic Principles, the textbook used as a basis for the freshman economics course. Content validity was established with the aid of a panel of experts. A qualitative measure in the form of a teacher survey was administered after the completion of the study.

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The results of these procedures demonstrated that the use of directed writing assignments in the teaching of freshman economics exhibited no significant difference in academic achievement nor in writing improvement. The qualitative dimension of the study, in the form of a teacher survey, suggested that teachers view the use of directed writing assignments as a valid and useful teaching technique.

Directed writing assignments are particularly valuable as a beginning of the class activity, in providing students with a variety of learning activities during the class period, and in helping students prepare for an important part of the state assessment test in social studies.

Further study is needed to overcome the paucity of research on the use of writing as a teaching and learning tool among freshman level students, and its use in the economics class.

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This paper has been withdrawn.MU Grade Distribution Application Sunday, November 18, Term. The Knudson Writing Attitude Survey for Students was administered to the students in their English classrooms by teachers.

Each student was given a copy of the survey and directions for completion. Students were given approximately 20 minutes to complete the survey.

Development of the. Examines the effects of gender, grade and ethnicity on high school students' attitudes toward writing. Modification of instrument developed for Grades 4 to 8 students' writing attitudes assessment; Administration of the Knudson Writing Attitude Survey for .

knudson writing attitude survey

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