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How do you think the asian

Counting characters can be done in constant time with UTF It is true that we can count code units and code points in constant time in UTF However, code points do not correspond to user-perceived characters.

Even in the Unicode formalism some code points correspond to coded character and some to non-characters. Counting coded characters or code points is important. We think that the importance of code points is frequently overstated.

This is due to common misunderstanding of the complexity of Unicode, which merely reflects the complexity of human languages. It may be reduced to 20 code points if converted to NFC.

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Yet, the number of code points in it is irrelevant to almost any software engineering task, with perhaps the only exception of converting the string to UTF For cursor movement, text selection and alike, grapheme clusters shall be used.

For limiting the length of a string in input fields, file formats, protocols, or databases, the length is measured in code units of some predetermined encoding. The reason is that any length limit is derived from the fixed amount of memory allocated for the string at a lower level, be it in memory, disk or in a particular data structure.

The size of the string as it appears on the screen is unrelated to the number of code points in the string. One has to communicate with the rendering engine for this.

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Code points do not occupy one column even in monospace fonts and terminals. POSIX takes this into account. In NFC each code point corresponds to one user-perceived character.

No, because the number of user-perceived characters that can be represented in Unicode is virtually infinite. Even in practice, most characters do not have a fully composed form. For example, the NFD string from the example above, which consists of three real words in three real languages, will consist of 20 code points in NFC.

This is still far more than the 16 user-perceived characters it has. The string length operation must count user-perceived or coded characters.

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If not, it does not support Unicode properly. According to this evaluation of Unicode support, most popular languages, such as CJava, and even the ICU itself, would not support Unicode. That said, the code unit count returned by those APIs is of the highest practical importance.

When writing a UTF-8 string to a file, it is the length in bytes which is important. Our conclusions UTF is the worst of both worlds, being both variable length and too wide.

It exists only for historical reasons and creates a lot of confusion. We hope that its usage will further decline. Portability, cross-platform interoperability and simplicity are more important than interoperability with existing platform APIs.

Performance is seldom an issue of any relevance when dealing with string-accepting system APIs e.

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UI code and file system APIsand there is a great advantage to using the same encoding everywhere else in the application, so we see no sufficient reason to do otherwise.

Speaking of performance, machines often use strings to communicate e. Using different encodings for different kinds of strings significantly increases complexity and resulting bugs. What must be demanded from the implementations though, is that the basic execution character set would be capable of storing any Unicode data.

The standard facets have many design flaws. They must be fixed: This is how C locales do this through the localeconv function, albeit not customizable. In addition, some languages e. Greek have special final forms of some lower case letters, so case conversion routines must be aware of their position to perform the conversion correctly.中文(中国) עברית UTF-8 Everywhere.

Manifesto. Purpose of this document This document contains special characters. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols.

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How do you think the asian

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