Gold vs platinum

What do investors do when the world seems to be ending? Look for safe r havens. A quick peek at precious metals Demand drivers going forward The bargain in gold miners In troubling times, investors search for safe places to put their money. With the latest market plunge making many feel like the mattress is a good alternative, the question on commodity investors' minds is:

Gold vs platinum

Tweet Sony recently released a new official gaming headset called the PlayStation Platinum. If you have a hard time deciding which of the two to purchase, you can compare the features for both in our guide below. Price Tags You can check out the price tags for the Platinum and Gold on Amazon with the following links: This feature simulates an eight-channel audio configuration, allowing you to hear sound coming from different directions in supported games.

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Select games take advantage of 7. The notable titles include Bloodborne, Destiny, inFamous: Only a handful of games support 3D Audio, however.

Headset Companion App In order to take advantage of 7. This application will allow you to use game specific, as well as genre specific, presets. Battery Capacity The PlayStation Platinum has the bigger battery capacity of the two as it comes with a mAh internal battery.

How Heavy is Platinum Compared to Gold? A Comparison of Metals

By comparison, the PlayStation Gold has a mAh battery. Usage Time When Fully Charged By having the bigger battery, the Platinum also has a slightly higher usage time per full charge. The actual usage time could vary due to several factors such as the temperature of the operating environment.

Communication System Both virtual surround headsets use the same communication system, which is 2. Maximum Communication Range Despite having the same communication system, the PlayStation Platinum Wireless has a longer maximum communication range as it can support up to around 13 meters or By comparison, the PlayStation Gold Wireless has a slight shorter range of approximately 12 meters or 39 feet.

Of course, actual performance of the two will vary depending on factors such as having other devices that could hinder the signal.

The former has a weight of around Both products also come with a USB wireless adaptor that lets you connect the headset to the PlayStation 4.

The Cost: Platinum or White Gold

The one that came with the Platinum has a weight of approximately Dimensions The Platinum Headset has a dimension of mm or 6. The Gold Headset measures at Get the latest platinum price for September as well as the lastest prices for other major commodities at Jun 13,  · The platinum:gold ratio currently comes in at , meaning platinum price per ounce sells for 80% of what an ounce of gold commands.

Platinum:Gold Ratio, to Present As a general rule of thumb, the price of platinum is a great bargain when it sells for cheaper than Stefan Gleason. The thin, gold horizontal line represents zero or the point at which platinum and gold trade at the same price.

Gold vs platinum

The current decline in this spread is only the second time the white metal has been significantly cheaper than gold – just twice in the past 24 years and only the fourth time it has been cheaper than gold .

Gold vs Platinum vs Reserve By Robert Harrow updated on September 20, Each of the cards has a different rewards and bonus structure as well as a large difference in annual fee.

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This is the first intelligible discussion of white gold and platinum that I . Compared to platinum, palladium jewelry is generally less expensive (about times) and more in line with the cost of gold jewelry.

Gold vs platinum

There are two reasons for the significant difference in pricing between platinum and palladium in jewelry.

White Gold vs Platinum – What Jewellers Wont Tell You