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We investigated the GI of a newly-developed fiber enriched cookie and characterized the microstructure of ingredients used. In a study with 26 non-diabetic healthy volunteers it was shown that the fiber enriched cookie has a GI of Using a conversion factor of 1.

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Municipal wa-tfer supplies were found to contain organic compounds in trace amounts which are believed to be the cause of the off-flavors in these supplies, and which may present a potential threat to the health and wellbeing of the consumers.

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Fish exposed to the river water developed objectionable tastes within seventy-two hours. Violations of taste and odor criteria in the river and in fish flesh were identified.

Free merck and co inc 9 491 005 case solution

Complaints of off-flavors - variously described as "oily" or "chemical" - in the drinking water of New Orleans and nearby communities were occurring with increasing frequency- Fishermen were finding that fish caught in the reach of the river below Baton Rouge were no longer saleable because of these same bad tastes.

The deterioration of the water quality in the river closely paralleled the explosive development of a petro- chemical industrial complex which began in the middle 's and which by the end of the 's had resulted in the location of over 60 major industries from Baton Rouge to the mouth of the river.

Most of the industries discharged their partially treated or untreated wastes to the river. As this investigation progressed from throughresults of the findings were made available to industry. This factor, coupled with a complete review of all industrial waste permits by the State of Louisiana and the initiation of the Refuse Act Permit Program jointly by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Corps of Engineers, resulted in the beginning of an active program by industry to reduce the waste discharges to the River.

Some of the immediate improvements are reflected in the data in this report. Fur- ther substantial improvements in the quality of the waste discharges are expected within the next two to three years as the ongoing waste abatement programs are developed and completed.

Department of the Interior from Leslie L. Raw and finished water mega samples collected 15 2. Industries having heavy metals discharges five pounds per day or greater 18 3. Industries discharging phenolics in quantities of ten pounds per day or more 33 4.

Industries with high solids loads, total solids 50, pounds per day or more, volatile solid 25, pounds per day or more 35 5. List of all organic compounds found in the U.

Public Health Service Hospital finished water 41 7. Organic compounds found in the Carrollton Water Plant New Orleans finished water and identified in wastes of specified industries 42 8. Organic compounds in the raw water at the Jefferson Parish 2 Water Plant and identified in wastes of specified industries 44 List of all organic compounds found in the Jefferson Parish 2 Water Plant - raw water 45 Industries with high organic waste loads, Chemical oxygen demand 40, pounds per day or more, Total organic carbon 20, pounds per day or more 46 Station data, Lower Mississippi River fish tainting study 59 Mammalian chronic toxicity of organic pollutants found in finished water from Carrollton and U.

Public Health Service Hospital 75 Acute toxicity of organic pollutants 78 Carcinogenicity in mammals of organic pollutants in water supplies 82 The conferees, repre- senting the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, and the Federal Government met for two days to review evidence related to the alleged pollution.

The conference adjourned after adopting a set of conclusions and recommendations which have been reported elsewhere Of principal interest here is Recommendation No. The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare will partici- pate and aid in the investigation project.

Department of the Interior, requesting technical assistance see Appendix, Exhibit A. In response to this request, and in compliance with Recommendation No. This report presents the results of this study and is con- sidered to respond both to Recommendation No. Glasgow's request of The period covered extends from January through June Specific objectives are to: Evaluate the pollution potential of industrial discharges from St.

Francisville, Louisiana, to Venice, Louisiana. Identify drinking and stream water quality standards violations.The HEK cells were transfected with 5 μg ml −1 of DNA in serum‐free medium IU ml −1 penicillin and IU ml −1 streptomycin in a 5% CO 2 /95% air, humidified atmosphere at 37°C.

The cells were ) by preincubation of the cells with 2 μ M Fura‐2AM for 30 min in NaHBS (HEPES buffered saline solution: m M NaCl. A solution of mM DPPH (Sigma Aldrich,USA) in 80% methanol (Merck,Germany) was prepared in aluminum foil- wrapped test tube and 3 mL of this solution was mixed with μL of extract in methanol.

The reaction mixture was shaken thoroughly for 1 minute using a vortex mixer (VM ,Digisystem Lab Instruments Inc.) and left in the dark at. Before imaging, mM Trolox (Fluka) mixed with 1% chremophor and mM ascorbic acid (Merck) in DMEM (with or without FBS) was added.

The cells were incubated at 37 °C under a humidified 5% CO 2 atmosphere for 1 h.


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