Essay on dolphus raymond

Atticus Finch is one of these characters because he stands up for what he believes in. Also like Atticus, Dolphus Raymond shows courage by going against what others may not agree with.

Essay on dolphus raymond

What does Scout learn about Maycomb and its inhabitants during the trial? Essay - Paper Example? Scout learns that he drinks and sometimes leaves his family for days, he is violent and he may even be committing incest with Mayella.

Atticus establishes that he is left-handed and that Mayella was probably beaten up by a left-handed man — it seems that he, and not Tom Robinson, beat up Mayella after he saw Mayella trying to kiss Tom.

His abominable behaviour during the trial and his assumption that everybody will be on his side against a black man convince the reader that he is a thoroughly loathsome character. We will write a custom essay sample on?

She is the only responsible member of one of the poorest families in Maycomb.

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She looks after herself and her brothers and sisters and even tries to bring some beauty into their lives by growing geraniums. Her family is so poor that white people will have nothing to do with her and, at that time, it was not possible for her to be friendly with black people.

Tom Robinson passed her house every day on his way to work and, according to Scout; he was probably the only person who was ever nice to her. It took her nearly a year to save enough money to send all her brothers and sisters into town to get ice creams.

When she and Tom were alone together she tried to kiss him but she was interrupted by the arrival of her father. She would rather let Tom die than let this happen.

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He assisted Mayella over a long period of time and always behaved courteously and respectfully around her. In spite of his obvious innocence and the persuasive arguments presented by Atticus, Tom is convicted of the crime as racial prejudice is still too strong and society is not yet able to deal with such a case fairly.

Prior to the trial, Scout only knows Dolphus Raymond through the rumours that revolve around him: He says this was so because they could not grasp a sane white person ever living with coloured folks.

Although she judges Dolphus by his reputation, her opinion changes after she has met him — something that sadly the white jury of the trial is incapable of doing regarding Tom Robinson.

He never loosened a scrap of clothing until he undressed at bedtime, and to Jem and me, this was the equivalent of him standing before us stark naked.

We exchanged horrified glances. It also suggests that the trial is taking a toll on Atticus and he is beginning to feel the strain of it. Whilst making his concluding speech, Atticus tries to defend the idea that all men are equal before the law, but he is unable to overcome the basic prejudices of the jury.

The only mark of his success is that they take an unusual length of time to come to their decision. Atticus was appointed to defend Tom and he upset people merely by doing his job. In spite of the verdict, the black people of the town appreciated his efforts and on the day after the trial they sent large amounts of food to his house in gratitude.

Choose Type of service.ESSAY — My 'To Kill a Mockingbird' Problem and Ours September 10, / Adam Cohen. Tell them about the history of people like Dolphus Raymond, and how people choose to cross the color line.

Tell them about how our government and other entities monitor people. Tell them about how our society so often fails those with mental disabilities. Mr. Dolphus Raymond is another character who suffered from Maycomb’s racism.

He was a respected, wealthy member of the community, but then he chose to live with the black community.

Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird | Essay Example

This was considered a felony by the inhabitants of Maycomb. Essay on The Theme of Racism in To Kill a Mockingbird.

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Essay on dolphus raymond

Sep 23,  · Dolphus Raymond, in To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, lives a life split between two contradictory identities.

In public, he is a drunk who consorts with blacks when he is white, an aristocrat sadly fallen into whiskey's clutches.

In private, he is a sober and humane family man who abhors the hypocrisy and brutality. Dolphus Raymond is such character with a small role in the story but whose inclusion capture a lot of important issues of the day (Lee). Discussion and analysis Dolphus Raymond is a financially stable white man wedded to a woman of color, and they have racially mixed children.

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Essay on dolphus raymond
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