Electrical lineman

They may also maintain electrical installments, such as city lights and stop lights. Periodic testing and maintenance of equipment and the use of power tools are often necessary for this position. This job often requires climbing electrical poles, so it is important to have physical strength and comfort working at heights. It may occasionally be necessary to remove hazards that have fallen on, or are obstructing, power lines.

Electrical lineman

Often working for energy companies such as Duke Energy, Pacific Gas and Electric, or Georgia Power, electrical linemen work to set up access to electricity in buildings by putting up power lines; performing routine maintenance; and also providing immediate help when a storm or malfunction causes power to go out.

They gain technical skills through an extended apprenticeship and follow procedures to work safely in their-often hazardous work.

If you are looking for a Electrical lineman career that can lead to a high income without needing a college degree, working as an electrical lineman can be a good choice, if you can handle the physical aspects of the work and the irregular scheduling that comes with responding to emergencies.

An electrical lineman's salary changes, based on experience, such as whether the lineman is still in an apprenticeship, and the physical work setting has an impact, as well. Job Description Electrical linemen are responsible for putting up power Electrical lineman, doing work to keep them maintained and performing repairs.

They work with electrical equipment like switches and transformers as well as use lifts connected to special vehicles to climb up to reach power lines and equipment. Common tasks for electrical linemen include driving to the worksite, connecting new power lines or restoring fallen ones to buildings, performing tests on electrical equipment to find what causes problems and replacing blown transformers.

Due to working with electricity, this career has many dangers that require taking precautions to avoid electric shock and burns when handling equipment and to avoid falling when working with the lift. They also need to have physical strength, troubleshooting and mechanical skills, and color vision to work safely and effectively.

Education Requirements The path to working as an electrical lineman begins with being at least 18 years old and having a high school diploma, some math background and a driver's license. Available through energy companies and organizations such as the Electrical Training Alliance, training programs for electrical linemen are usually extended apprenticeships requiring passing interviews and an aptitude test for admission.

While specific program requirements can vary based on previous education and experience, you can expect to spend up to three years in the program taking courses and getting hands-on training working alongside an experienced lineman.

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As you get three to four years of work experience, you can progress to being a journeyman lineman with more flexibility in where you work. Industry Electrical linemen most often work for energy companies and firms that construct power lines, although some work for the government or offer services as electrical contractors.

They perform demanding work that often involves working outside in hazardous and uncomfortable conditions and frequent driving and traveling to perform repairs and installations.

Electrical lineman

While hours can be regular for linemen, issues that cause power outages can demand they work long hours into the night and on the weekends to restore power.

Years of Experience Since they go through stages working as apprentices and then journeymen based on hours of work experience, how much linemen make changes with experience and promotion.

It also showed these average wages for an electrical lineman depending on experience: Demand for power line installation for new buildings because of population growth drives the employment growth, and will add around 16, jobs for linemen over that decade.

You can have the best opportunities if you complete an apprenticeship program.What is the Electrical Lineman Program? The electrical lineman program is delivered by veteran practitioners in the field who bring a wealth of expertise and experience.

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Technical Specification for Lineman Electrical Rubber Insulating Hand Gloves-Electrical Purposes SCOPE This specification covers design, manufacture, method of sampling and.

An Electrical Lineman installs power lines and connect homes and businesses to the power grid. Almost all of the work is done outside, either high up on utility poles or with wiring and electrical systems embedded underneath the ground. Oct 18,  · Recently two of our linemen, Jamie Arender and Dalton Bourgoyne, attended the NRECA PowerUp Conference to present a video that highlighted a day in the life of a linemen. Welcome to urbanagricultureinitiative.com THE lineman's resource since Exclusively dedicated to one of the most dangerous, prestigious, rewarding, and challenging professions in the world, The Journeyman Lineman.

Electrical power-line installers and repairers install and maintain the power grid—the network of power lines that moves electricity from generating plants to customers.

They routinely work with high-voltage electricity, which requires extreme urbanagricultureinitiative.com-level education: High school diploma or equivalent.

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