Do i have java on my pc

A question I get at my site often is how I can tell if I am using a Javascript enabled browser.

Do i have java on my pc

JavaScript needs to be enabled in order to detect Java. Need help enabling JavaScript? This page tells you if Java is installed and enabled in your current web browser and what version you are running. Java detection relies on JavaScript being enabled.

You should also return to the homepage to check if Java is up to date. Java is a programming language and framework developed by Oracle Corporation. Java is a broad name that can refer to several different things. For simplicities sake, what this site is concerned with is the Java plugin that can run in a web browser and be shown on websites.

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JavaScript has been a part of web browsers for over 15 years and is "built in" to web browsers it can be disabled but not actually removed.

Learn more about JavaScript. Java however, is a plugin for web browsers. That means it is an extra bit of software that can be optionally loaded into a web browser to give it new features or functionality.

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That is what this page is about. Do I need Java installed? Years ago, Java was the first and very popular way of adding complex interactivity to websites. But like most things, trends change and new technologies come along to replace old ones.

These days fewer and fewer websites rely on the Java plugin to provide content to their users. Java still has its use in other things unrelated to websites, but Java for web browsers and websites is becoming less and less important to have installed.

Some older websites still rely on Java, and so if you want to use those websites you will need to have Java installed. Are there security concerns with Java?

The short answer to this is "yes". There have been a number of serious security holes discovered in Java during and and this is leading to a lot of people, companies, organisations including the U. Department of Homeland Security calling for Java to be disabled in web browsers, if not completely uninstalled.Knowing if your computer actively uses Java for other applications, however, is a little tougher.

It'll tell you right away if your Java's up to date. "There have .

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Method 1: Ask Java. This is my favorite - straight from the horse's mouth (so to speak). The Java Run-time Environment is aware of its version and the company that authored it. So I wrote a very simple applet (the Java 8 became the default on Windows . What is Java Auto Update? How does automatic update work?

Java Update is a feature that keeps your Windows computer up-to-date with the latest Java releases. Darlene Jan 26, In the words of Linda Collum on Apr 5, "I hate java. Everytime I get 1 quirk fixed another pops up to infuriate me. Speaking of pop-ups, java won't let me play some of my favorite games on pogo even though I have played them numerous times before.

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Dear reader, I want to see an aplication located on my own computer, Java want me to write in the location File// and so on.

Do i have java on my pc

I have tried this but still Java has blocked my .

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