Business planner stickers cricut

Affiliate links may be present in the following article. For my full disclosure policy, see this link. Silhouette Cameo 3 vs. Miscellaneous As the years go on, the competition between Silhouette and Cricut leads them to each make improvements and innovations to their electronic cutting machines.

Business planner stickers cricut

Do you love to organize your ideas and get your schedule down on paper? I'll show you how to get organized and add your own personality to your planner book. Let's make a planner today! I've got some ideas to share with you and a few DIY planner printables too.

I bought all my components at Target, but you can find mini binder pages and accessories at all kinds of stores. This notebook is a half size binder so it fits perfectly in my purse and backpack without taking up a bunch of room.

Create your own planner in minutes I've used a variety of organizers and planners over the years. Remember the Franklin Covey and Day Timer craze? Some of my planners have been actual notebooks with real paper.

I think they each have their pros and cons. Mostly business planner stickers cricut I think I need to doodle on everything to remember it… Usually my sketchbook ends up with all the notes. Now it's time to get organized with a real planner… on purpose! I purchase a few different paper sets to include in this easy DIY planner Calendar pages Plastic divider pages to keep sections of information organized Clear pockets for anything else I want to keep in my planner Pretty pens You can also make your own planner stickers!

You can make your own planner stickers too!

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I made my own planner stickers using designs I customized with my Cricut machine. Think about Personalizing Your Planner I was really excited to find coral planner accessories when I was shopping. See, this planner project was meant to be! I picked a binder that has a clear pocket cover so I can add my own art to the front of the planner.

All the personalizing is what makes planners so fun to put together! You can have all the fancy pens and paper you want, but if it's not easy to use or there isn't enough room to keep track of all the things, it won't be very useful.

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Make sure you think about how you want to use your planner before you buy all your supplies. I've created a series of planner pages for larger binder sets.

You can print it at a smaller size to fit your mini binder, or make your own planner using a standard sized binder. To keep costs low, you can always print or draw out your own planner pages.

Time is money in my day, so buying these pre-printed calendar pages makes all the difference right now.

Another factor that makes the Cricut Explore easy to use is the Design Space Software. Design Space is beginner friendly, so users who aren’t as tech savy will have a better time with the Cricut software. To make planner stickers, I designed the elements I wanted in photoshop, and saved them as file. I made sure to leave a transparent background, so the images are nice and clean. Then, you upload them into Cricut design space, where you can clean up any elements you want cut out, and save the image as a “Print then Cut” image. Print then Cut with your home printer and Cricut Explore machine to create custom vinyl projects. Includes 10 sheets of in x 11 in white printable vinyl.

I will be designing some calendar pages and note pages to use, when I do, I'll be sure to share with you too! Here's another idea for cover art.

I took a photo of my watercolor paint tray and then printed it. I then sprinkled some glitter over the page and applied packing tape… so now it's a little sparkly colored art design for the front of my planner.

Are you looking for printable DIY planner pages? I have some tips and ideas to share about creating your own planner pages. You can create your own pages, customize store bought pages or print out pages see below and use as you'd like.

Here's how to diy planner pages. How to make DIY planner pages You can create your own planner pages by setting up a formatted page using software like a spreadsheet or grid layout. I like to lay out the pages and then use a nice font to make the page pretty.Though not specifically about starting a sticker business, this is an excellent next step to review what is necessary in designing effective stickers that tap into focused markets, and read some interviews/case studies with people that are effectively using stickers as promotional tools and products.

Free business-day shipping within the U.S. when you order $25 of eligible items sold or fulfilled by Amazon. Saturday, November 12, For making planner stickers (or any kind of stickers) with your Cricut Explore, you will design everything in Design Space first.

business planner stickers cricut

Then, when you click “Go”, it will give you the option to first print the design. Printable planner pages for your DIY planner. I've created a printable mini planner page set that works great with this mini binder size. The set includes: weekly and today to-do lists, meal planner and grocery list plus note & ideas page.

Another factor that makes the Cricut Explore easy to use is the Design Space Software. Design Space is beginner friendly, so users who aren’t as tech savy will have a better time with the Cricut software.

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