Buquebus eladia isabel business plan


Buquebus eladia isabel business plan

I was advised by a local to take a ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia. I went on their site, which is all in Spanish. There are options to select other languages, I think, or maybe they just flags for decorations, however, when you need to make reservations, its all in Spanish.

Its incredibly difficult to make a booking online and I had to travel to their station to make a booking in person.

They were happy to take my money, but what they neglected to tell me is that they care little about customer care. Travelled well on the dirty seats from Buenos Aires to Colonia in Uruguay.

After sightseeing I went back to the station to enquire about possibly changing my return time. No English I cant help you the lady said to me. She made no attempt to get me someone who spoke any English. The gentleman in their office was even worse.

buquebus eladia isabel business plan

He spoke a little bit of English, but was rude and quick to inform me that I dont speak Spanish and he does not speak English, all in English, so he cannot help me. He was rude, not interested in helping me at all. Fortunately a helpful and friendly lady arrived, spoke to me and was able to help.

When I arrived in Buenos Aires I sought their customer care office. Guess what, it does not exist.

buquebus eladia isabel business plan

I was told by a manager at the tills, she only manages the tills and I have a complaint, to write it on a piece of paper and they would look into it. Uh, you dont speak any English, so how do you expect to read my complaint? So arrogant and totally not helpful. The worst experience, ever!

No one needs to be treated with the level of attitude displayed by the staff at this company. Never again, especially given the amount of money spent. The tickets can be expensive but I bought mine early on the website so that made them cheaper plus I bought them on the Uruguayan website which oddly enough turned out to be cheaper than the Argentinian one!

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If you buy a buquebus all the way to Montevideo with the bus ride transfer -- you will not be able to wander around Colonia - you have to get on the bus -- doing it this way gave us the freedom to spend as much or as little time in Colonia.

The bus terminal is next door to the ferry terminal -- when you exit the ferry terminal make a right and its the smaller building next door. The ferry ride itself was fine and smooth -- would do it again and recommend! Also not all of the ferries stop in Colonia -- some go straight to Montevideo.

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Angela Loor. Internet. Uploaded by. loperena10c. Clase 2 Mesa de urbanagricultureinitiative.com placeOK te recomienda hacer un recorrido en crucero (en este caso fue con el Eladia Isabel de la empresa Buquebus) por el río de La Plata partiendo de Buenos Aires (Argentina) a Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay).

Website Review of urbanagricultureinitiative.com: SEO, traffic, visitors and competitors of urbanagricultureinitiative.com The company’s ferry duty free business is considerably more robust, consisting of over 2, square meters of retail space aboard the Francisco Papa, the Silvia Ana, the Atlantic III, the Eladia.

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