Anglia ruskin writing and film studies

History[ edit ] The main building of the University of Winchester The origins of the University of Winchester date back to when the Winchester Diocesan Training School was founded as a Church of England foundation for the training of elementary schoolmasters.

Anglia ruskin writing and film studies

MA Screenwriting MA Screenwriting Outstanding writing is fundamental to the success of great film and TV, and your ability to tell a good story is just the beginning. Now you can take your work to the next level, gain an internationally recognised postgraduate qualification and produce an exceptional volume of script work.

Benefit from creative and commercial development in a dynamic and collaborative, film school environment. You have a unique opportunity to enjoy both vocational, filmmaking training and academic study by combining 12 months at LFA with 12 weeks at our partner university.

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September each year Hours: Once you complete a year course at London Film Academy, you are required to complete additional modules at another educational institution by way of a progression agreement.

Our MA course is open to students who already have an undergraduate degree and can evidence sufficient experience in filmmaking. Potential students should consider the entry requirements before making an application.

At LFA we encourage students to collaborate across disciplines to expand their experience and understanding of the entire filmmaking process. Providing an extensive overview of the realities of the filmmaking industry, throughout the year sessions cover: You will improve your visual storytelling skills and see your scripts leave the page through live-reading workshops with professional directors and actors.

To ensure you leave LFA industry-ready our screenwriting workshops will focus on how to outline, pitch and negotiate the sale of feature film and TV ideas to a panel of film and TV industry professionals.

You will enhance your awareness of screenwriting theory and craft, gain more experience of writing in the correct format and delivering to deadlines. Above all, you will leave the course with an enhanced portfolio that will showcase a short film script, television project and TWO feature film scripts, all of which will have received expert development and industry feedback.

Term 1 The first module covers the development of a short film script alongside an introductory course in the basics of screenwriting. You will hear a range of tutors explain the craft of writing for screen, and receive expert development sessions on the drafts of your short film.

Your second module covers television, and you will hear from a series of television writers, agents, commissioners and producers to explain what they look for when embarking upon working on a television series. You will develop a TV bible and 30 minute episode script.

You will also take an intense period working on writing to a brief, such as a continuing drama or webseries. The first time should solidify your understanding of the screenwriting craft whilst introduce you to the challenges you will face as an emerging screenwriter when pitching for work.

Term 2 Your second term commences as you embark on your first feature script. Every stage of development is looked at by your tutors in a range of one-to-one sessions or group tutorials. You hear from feature film writers and producers and develop your understanding of any given genre with tailored sessions and screenings.

As your script begins to take shape, you hear your scenes workshopped by professional actors and directors who give feedback. Term 3 The model of your final term is similar to that of the 2nd term.

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The focus is on the development of a second feature script. Along with the expert advice and development sessions you receive at each stage of the project, you will also receive advice on seeking work in the industry.

Your awareness of your career path is improved by independent review of your CV and portfolio. Throughout your second and third terms, you are also invited to attend masterclasses from guest speakers.

anglia ruskin writing and film studies

These can cover a wide range of topics, including script supervising, the work of development executives, pitching for work, negotiating with agents and understanding option agreements. Following your year with LFA, you are asked to complete further modules at our partner university.

Application Checklist Please apply with: One example of your dramatic writing: A one-page critique of a film you have seen Summary skills: A one-page synopsis of the screenplay or treatment you have submitted or 2 half page synopsis of two short films Please see Screenwriting Diploma Application Checklist for further details.

What kind of students are we looking for?The PhD research programmes will allow you to explore your own interests in creative writing, supported by the expertise screenwriting and writing for performance, as well as colleagues from English Literature, Film Studies and Media Studies and Drama.

Our expertise includes: Creative Writing, Ph.D. Anglia Ruskin University Visit. The University of Winchester is a public research university based in the city of Winchester, Hampshire, university has origins tracing back to Winchester University is a member of The Cathedrals Group (officially the Council of Church Universities and Colleges or CCUC) is an association of universities and university colleges in the United Kingdom.

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anglia ruskin writing and film studies

The legacy of Blair and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan continue to loom large for the Labour Party, whether in opposition or in government, giving rise to fierce debates over Labour's attitude and posture towards the wider world. Prepare for a career in screenwriting, journalism or film-making.

Develop your creative and professional writing skills.

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