An analysis of the many students in school skillful in the art of procrastination

As such, it is likely that statistics anxiety is, in part, responsible for many students delaying enrollment in these courses for as long as possible. This paper proposes a canonical model by treating academic procrastination APlearning strategies LS as predictor variables and statistics anxiety SA as explained variables. A questionnaire survey was used for data collection and college female student participated in this study. To examine the mutually independent relations between procrastination, learning strategies and statistics anxiety variables, a canonical correlation analysis was computed.

An analysis of the many students in school skillful in the art of procrastination

The nightmarish reality of the Mumbai attacks shook us all to the core. Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, a Pakistani militant and a member of the Lashkar-e-Taiba, was the only attacker to have been captured alive by police. While Kasab was finally awarded the death penalty by the trial court on the 6th Mayit was not until the 21st November that the verdict was actually exercised.

Now the delay could be easily attributed to the various legalities involved. After all, the constitution of Indian provides the accused with the right to appeal at different levels during the course of a trial.

But, there was obviously a political angle involved as well which played its part in the further procrastination of the proceedings.

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The brilliance of The K File lies in the fact that it touches upon the explicit as well as the implicit in the most subtle fashion. The movie mixes fact with fiction, leveraging upon the power of cinema, to conjure up an otherwise nonexistent parallel reality.

The fact and fiction blend in so seamlessly that after the first few moments it becomes almost meaningless to separate the two. And, needless to say, Oorvazi and team achieve all this and more in the most striking and skillful manner. Farrukh Dhondy's story and screenplay empowered me to mirror our contemporary issues.

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While the masses look upon cinema as a great means of entertainment, they fail to acknowledge its power as a great source of leaning and education. Commercial filmmaking is partly responsible for this lack of awareness about cinema.

While speaking about international cinema it's imperative that one also talks about the independent filmmakers. This highly determined breed of artists, buoyed by their inexorable passion for cinema and undeterred by the paucity of resources, play a pivotal role in the constant evolution of cinema.

These ingenious filmmakers prove to be a formidable driving force by inoculating the world of cinema with their novel, revolutionary ideas which from time to time lay the foundations of much grander works of art. These ideas also play a pivotal role in the rediscovery, improvisation and development of various attributes of cinema that make it the ultimate medium of human expression.

The K File is one such honest attempt on the part of its makers to demonstrate how sophisticated and consummate a medium cinema actually is. I was reading a newspaper and came up with this idea. In my opinion, Kasab is a tool in the hands of Islamist terror groups.

Despite spending billions on our Defense budget, we still find ourselves incapable of formulating stringent policies and laws needed to curb terrorism and the forces that breed it. If a country like the US can have such a strong stance of not negotiating with the terrorists under any condition why can't India?

Our weakness in this regard is best underlined by the Kandahar hijack incident of December The beneficiary Masood Azhar since his handover by the Indian government to the hijackers of Indian Airlines Flight at Kandahar has gone on to mastermind several terrorist attacks against India.

We all need to be educated about "terrorism" the same way we need to be educated about "sex" in order to increase the awareness levels. The ignorance might very well make us vulnerable to our enemies, if not today perhaps in the days to come.

After all, what is Naxalism but a form of terrorism bred by the germ of ignorance! The film can be appreciated in so many ways. One way to look upon it is as a propaganda film. Another way to asses it is to see it as a social and a political commentary.

While the movie has several elements of a documentary, its hyperrealistic feel elevate it to a whole new level.

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The K File also proves to be an effective lampoon on moral and cultural decadence. While the director and the writer need to be lauded for their efforts, a fair share of the credit must also go the two actors Sanjay Nath and Tushar Ishwar who brilliantly essay the roles of the terrorist and the home minister, respectively.

The level of realism that these two seasoned actors bring into the movie is indeed commendable. Overall, The K File is an enthralling film with deep hidden meanings.

The movie being is a great specimen of filmmaking is a must watch for the students of cinema. The K File is available for free screening on YouTube. The K File COM Readers, please feel free to share your opinion by leaving your comments.

As always your feedback is highly appreciated! For more information on the title, please click on the following links:These types of courses are available to students at many times throughout the year, however SAT summer courses are an ideal option for many high school students (especially for students who are extremely busy with activities and other commitments during the school year).

Lois Hetlandis professor and chair of art education at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and senior research affiliate at Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Winneris professor and chair of psychology at Boston College and a senior research associate at Project urbanagricultureinitiative.comy Veenemais an instructor in visual arts at.

I teach grade school through college and the approach I use has been very helpful for students who have had trouble in math.

An analysis of the many students in school skillful in the art of procrastination

I have students write the steps with words instead of just working examples. Jan 15,  · Although my current procrastination is situation-specific, many people have a more generalized procrastination problem. That is, they routinely put off important tasks and never meet deadlines because they find a multitude of other, minor tasks (without deadlines) to do DrDoyenne.

of procrastination among students appears greater than general public and the study of Goode () strengthens it; which found that 70% of the college students and 20% of the general population appeared having procrastinating. 1 Multiple Approaches to the Validation of th e Scores From the Study Anxiety Inventory George Douglas Lunsford Abstract The Study Anxiety Inventory (SAI), cons isting of the factors of worry and emotionality, was developed to measure college studentsÂ’ .

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