An analysis of earthward by robert frost

Above, the smoke does fly. When the houses ceased, their weeping The clouds left off also, Grey light was about her creeping, She had forgot her woe. She walks on, dreaming, dreaming, She sometimes turns, to feel The soft air round her streaming, O!

An analysis of earthward by robert frost

An Analytical Look By Sharon Mai To Earthward by Robert Frost is a lyrical poem, surrounding the theme of love, and exemplifies how love and attraction changes over years.

The narrator goes through a journey from a young hopeful love to a bittersweet love which then transforms once more into a love that only craves for the simple relief from the pain of life. The poem itself is split into two different sections. The second half, the last four stanzas, refers to the present and everything that they believe in and feel now.

The love the narrator describes here is so sweet that even the petal of a rose, not the thorn, causes it to feel like a sting. They longed for a love full of passion and pleasure.

Yet, looking at the second half, we are given a totally different feeling. The love went from sweet and toxic to salty and painful. The use of all the senses and the comparison really draws the reader in to realize how different the love is.

In the very last stanza, the reader witnesses the narrator stating that the painful love is not enough for them to feel anything and they are longing for something more, to be dead. The narrator wants relief from everything and longs for the feeling of earth against all their body and the weight and strength of the earth above them.

The poem itself is written in lines and verses, each verse describing different sensations and effectively creating a definitive divide between the present and the past. He chooses to focus on the representations of love through objects of the earth; from simple pleasures of enjoying honeysuckle, grapevines, hidden springs, rose petals to darker things like burnt cloves, bitter bark and the feeling of rough earth.

Robert Frost really tries to convey the idea of falling in and out of love. The hidden ups and downs of the poem itself make one think about how dynamic a relationship really is. Personally, I thought this poem was brilliant.

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading the poem and found myself connecting to it on a deeper level, love being more than just a straight line, being more than just the sweet things but also the bitter. Yet there is also a need for love, just like at the end of the poem, without love we would rather feel nothing, death, and I found this profoundly moving.

To Earthward is definitely one of my new favourite poems because it speaks so wonderfully and yet so heart-wrenchingly of the journey we define as love.Class 7. The Ballad of Semmerwater: Deep asleep, deep asleep, Deep asleep it lies, The still lake of Semmerwater Under the still skies.

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Lifting skyward, falling earthward, Ever on the move, Thus the cycle of all life Comes and goes on earth. Paul King: Deep in the night is darkness. Robert Lowell for tomorrow NOTE: You must follow the set schedule (different for each class section) of homework. The first one for each class is Robert Frost, due Thursday, April 15th.

An edition of her poetry, Earthward, was published in , and she was editor of the poetry column for the Red Bluff Daily News.

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Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, but his family moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts, in following his father’s death. The move was actually a return, for Frost’s ancestors were originally New Englanders, and Frost became famous for his poetry’s engagement with . "sleep of death - a n afterimage of our life timen (Robert Frost 4). According to Doyle, though this is not a poem about death on the first level, "to think of sleep as death is a reasonable extension of the central idea of the poem.". To Earthward An analysis by Tia Borso, Haven Miller and Penny Reif Background Summary Questions? C o n t e x t Type of Poem The average Life expectancy was around 54 years old Structure and Meter Structure and Meter Cont. Works Cited.

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An analysis of earthward by robert frost

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