Abbreviations in research papers

When should I use an abbreviation? Use abbreviations sparingly and only when they will help readers understand your work.

Abbreviations in research papers

Abbreviations in English and Italian scientific discourse Several studies on English and Italian specialized discourse have demonstrated that in scientific, legal and technical language there is a general tendency towards complex noun phrases Altieri Biagi ; Cortelazzo ; GottiHowever, due to the increasing popularization of some forms of scientific discourse Mattiello forthcoming bthere seems to be also an opposite tendency to use abbreviations such as initialisms e.

This study investigates the terminology used in two scientific journals written in English — Nature and Science — and in two Italian translated versions of English journals — the American magazine National Geographic and the Australian magazine Nexus New Times — to show that scientific language often makes use of abbreviatory operations for various reasons.

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First, they help create social closeness, especially among in-group experts. Second, they help maintain textual cohesion, anaphorically referring to previously introduced concepts and ideas.

Cross-linguistically, this study will show that, in texts translated from English, Italian often leaves English abbreviations untranslated, because they refer to worldwide concepts, are amply recognized at an international level, and have acquired a status as words Bat-El ; Kreidler ; Fradin abbreviations in APA Style—specifically, how to use acronyms, which are abbreviations made up of the first letters of each word in a phrase.

This is often the case for white papers, press releases, and information pages (e.g., “About Us”) on company websites.

APA Abbreviations

as well as its use as a classification guide for research and clinical. The APA Publication Manual contains a list of common abbreviations for measurements (Table ), but these are not the only abbreviations permitted in APA Style.

Abbreviations in research papers

As always in academic writing, the goal of maximizing clarity should be kept in view when abbreviations are considered. Oct 20,  · You place the list of abbreviations at the beginning of the document, just after the table of contents.

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The readers of your dissertation can then find any abbreviations unknown to /5(56). The Cracow Version of Pseudo-Aristotelian De proprietatibus elementorum as an Academic Textbook Among the works attributed to Aristotle in Middle Ages concerning the natural philosophy there is a treatise on geology called De proprietatibus elementorum.

The primary document source notes are followed by an archival code that designates the location of the original source document using standard abbreviations from USMARC Code List for is the list of abbreviations for all codes used. COMMONLY-USED ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS IN RESEARCH Version Date: 5/12/ University of Rochester Specific Acronyms /Abbreviations.

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Abbreviations in research papers
List of abbreviations in research paper