A cream cracker under the settee essay plan

Hire Writer At the end of the paragraph we introduce Wilfred, his name is mentioned in a past conversation Doris had with him. Wilfred is a much laid back person who took each day as it came. Wilfred will shown as a flashback, a flashback that appears above her right shoulder symbolising that he was important in her life and a good spirit. The flashback will be shown as a hazy cloud showing Wilfred.

A cream cracker under the settee essay plan

How to Write a Summary of an Article? This play was written in by a middle aged Alan Bennett who was born in Leeds in He grew up through the Second World War and in his play he writes about how views on life have changed over the years.

Doris is played by Dame Thora Hird who has just recently passed away. The play explores the changes within society from when Alan Bennett was a child, through the sixties and to the There is proof that Doris is correct about the way Zulema dusts when she finds an old cream cracker under the settee.

This shows that Doris is quite spiteful. Later on in the play, Doris seems to be quite dull but she also recites quite a few conversations that her late husband Wilfred and she had. An example of which is when she spoke about the garden and that Wilfred wanted to have a bush but Doris wanted concrete.

Wilfred argued about it having non character but Doris wanted it because of the hygiene. This shows that Doris is quite obsessive about hygiene and now she has to try and keep her house tidy otherwise she believes she will be put in Stafford House, an elderly home, but in fact, it is the other way round.

By cleaning Doris is putting herself at more risk of being put in Stafford house as she is not very good on her feet and suffers from dizzy spells and has a pacemaker. The way in which Doris speaks makes her seem very realistic and can help people in the audience relate to her in many ways e.

A cream cracker under the settee essay plan

This makes it feel as if you know Doris more than you actually do and makes her seem like a real person who would be very easy to like. She also brings up past conversations she has been a part of as I mentioned before which help the audience to become more interested in the play as they are finding out what Doris is like and what kind of things she chatted about with her husband.

She tells the audience about the way that, when Wilfred and she were younger, they were trying for a baby and when they were having the baby, it was a still birth.

The midwife then wrapped the baby boy, who Doris wanted to call John, in newspaper and Doris was horrified by this. She saw this action as saying that the baby was dirty and that it was worthless.

By the time Doris had awoken, the baby had gone. This makes this part of the play very sad and distressing. There are many unseen characters in this play which Doris interprets in her own special way. She mimics a lot of the characters, especially Zulema, and she is also talks quite sarcastically about Zulema in the way she talks to her.

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Another character that is introduced by Doris is Wilfred. We first hear of Wilfred when Doris knocks the photo of the two of them from the mantel piece when she attempts to dust and falls off the buffet.

These characters are all well timed to come into the play as it breaks the scenes up nicely and is like a chapter in the story being broken by turning the page.Free Essay: Alan Bennett's A Cream Cracker Under the Settee Doris, the 75 year old house-proud woman is the main character, the only character in fact in.

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Directing A Cream Cracker Under the Settee for Television Doris is a year-old widow, living alone in a semi-detached house. She was fitted with a pacemaker about three years ago because of the symptoms of angina. A Cream cracker under the settee is a monologue by Alan Bennett. He tries to create a dramatic monologue that proves you don’t have to follow the typical stereotypes of .

We will write a custom essay sample on. A cream cracker under the settee She is speaking in disbelief because she noticed a cream cracker under the settee.

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"Fancy, there's a cream cracker under the settee. 'Don't you Stafford House me, lady. This cream cracker was under the settee. I've only got to send this cream cracker to the.

- Alan Bennett's A Cream Cracker Under The Settee Alan Bennett's purpose in writing "A Cream Cracker Under The Settee" is to highlight the problems old people face.

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He points out that obsession with hygiene can be destructive "I never should have tried to dust.". Free Essays \ A Cream Cracker Under the Settee. A Cream Cracker Under the Settee. Length: words.

Let us write you a custom I have been studying a twentieth century drama called ‘A Cream Cracker Under the Settee. ‘ It was written by Alan Bennett and appeared in the BBC1 series ‘Talking Heads. Choose a Membership Plan.

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